Sunday, July 17, 2011

Web-based lessons and e-portfolios

What is a Web-Based Lesson ? It`s a lesson that in some way incorporates a web site or many web sites. A web lesson can be a traditional classroom lesson with an online component. Some advantages of web-based lessons are: Can be used for multicultural exchange purposes, develop creativity, Promote original activities and critical thinking, Promote collaboration, Fit to any target language level and student`s age, Improve teacher-student and student-student interaction, etc. A Web-based lesson plan includes: Date-Teacher- Class Level- Topic- Objectives- Web sites used- Name of web site 1- URL- Rationale for selecting this site- Name of web site 2, teacher preparation- Steps for learners- Description of pre-computers classroom activities (preparation)- Description of computers /online activities- Description of follow up activities. What is an e-portfolio ? It`s a purposeful collection of information and digital artifacts that demonstrates development or evidences learning outcomes, skills or competencies. The process of producing an e-portfolio, usually requires the synthesis of ideas, reflection of achievements, self-awareness and forward planning; with the potential for educational, developmental or other benefits. ADVANTAGES OF e-Portfolios: Developing creativity- Increasing student`s Motivation- Promoting and developing group work- Developing Tech Skills- Fostering Content- Integrating ICT into the traditional Face to Face classroom. My REFLECTION: Today I had the new experience of being a teacher in WIZIQ. My class was public therefore, any person around the world, with a WIZIQ account could attend the class. Apparently, an error when I set the time class, made me enter to the virtual classroom when the time was about to finish,so I had to programm a new class some minutes later. Once the problem was solved, I would say that I enjoyed the experience of having the control of the class, that means, the control of audio, video, Mouse, slides, windows chat, etc. While you are teaching the class, you should have a look to the windows chat, to check if somebody is asking a question or making a comment. WIZIQ is a very useful and versatile web based tool, to teach not only a Foreign Language but also any academic topic. I`m planning to use WIZIQ for my English classes for now on.

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