Saturday, July 16, 2011

Videos and other useful Web 2.0 tools (Moviemaker)

In this session we learned about different web 2.0 tools such as: Moviemaker and Voxopop. First of all we have to say that Web 2.0 enables: 1) Socialization, because the students can use the language and skills that they are learning, to build networks and develop relationships in the real world. 2) Collaboration: The students can work together with others, to construct and share real knowledge.3) Creativity: They can create original products, which will have a real audience.4) Authenticity: The tasks and activities they do and the people they communicate with, are real and motivating. 5) Sharing: They can share what they create and learn from each other. MOVIEMAKER. It is a simple tool that enables you to create your own animated cartoons, by selecting from a range of characters, backgrounds and scenarios, and adding your own dialogue text bubble. The movies can then be sent by e-mail or embedded into blogs or websites for others to enjoy. My reflection about Moviemaker: After having a practical session, I was asked to make a video using the Moviemaker program and then, I had to upload the video in my youtube account. The elaboration of the video, took me several days, because first of all, I had to chose a topic related to English teaching, and then I began to search and select the images that I wanted to use on my video. Doing my video, I found that Moviemaker offers a wide variaty of options, to make a video that closely reflect the purpose of the user. The transitions and effects of the program, allow the user to customize the images in an easy way.

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